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      All of the books listed below are outstanding books to read and use for reference. There may be statements of profession which do not express the concepts and teachings of LittleBookOpen.org.

King James Version
Download the HTML Bible –(HTML files are ZIPed –2.5mb)
KJV Bible –(PDF 2.6mb)
American Standard Version

Bible Studies/Helps
Bible Readings for the Home –(HTML)
Bible Handbook by Stephen N. Haskell –(HTML/PDF)
Your Bible and You –(PDF 9.8mb)
Life’s Vital Answers Study Guides –(PDFs)
The Bible Says Study Guides
These Last Days Bible Study Guides
“If I Should Die Before I Wake” —Then What?

Easton’s Bible Dictionary

The Conflict Set
by Ellen G. White
Patriarchs and Prophets –(HTML)  –(PDF 2mb)  –(CHM 1.6mb)
Prophets and Kings –(HTML)  –(PDF 1.5mb)  –(CHM 1.1mb)
Desire of Ages –(HTML)  –(PDF 1.9mb)  –(CHM 1.6mb)
Acts of the Apostles –(HTML)  –(PDF 1.4mb)  –(CHM 1.1mb)
The Great Controversy-1911 –(HTML)  –(PDF 1.8mb)  –(CHM 1.3mb)
The Great Controversy-1888   (PDF 2.2mb)
(Complete Conflict set in PDF  –6.8mb zip file)
(Complete Conflict set in Windows Help File  –6.5mb zip file)

More Books & Articles
by Ellen G. White
Steps to Christ –(HTML)
The Sufferings of Christ –(HTML)
The Mount of Blessing –(HTML)
Christ’s Object Lessons –(HTML)
The Sanctified Life –(HTML)
Early Writings –(HTML)
A Word to the “Little Flock” –(HTML)
Last Day Events –(HTML) –(PDF 759kb)
7a SDA Bible Commentary –(HTML)
Preparation for the Latter Rain –(HTML)
The Final Crisis and Deliverance –(HTML)
Christ in His Sanctuary –(PDF 456kb)
Country Living –(HTML)
Tell of His Power –(HTML)
Prophetic History Repeated –(HTML)
Last-Day Event Articles –(HTML)
Other Subjects –(HTML)

Books for Tablets and Readers
These books are prepared in 5x7" PDF format.

Victory in Christ –Author Unknown –(PDF 594kb)
Jesus – by Charles T. Everson –(PDF 9.1mb)
Consectated Way – by A.T. Jones –(PDF 9.1mb)
Christ and His Righteousness by E. J. Waggoner –(HTML)
Path to the Throne of God by Sarah Peck –(PDF 1.4mb)

The Sanctuary by O.R.L. Crozier –(HTML)  (PDF 459kb)
Messiah In His Sanctuary by F.C. Gilbert –(PDF 1.2mb)
The Sanctuary Service by M.L. Andreason –(PDF 1mb)
Shadows of His Sacrifice by Leslie Hardinge –(PDF 1mb)
The Sanctuary and Twenty-three Hundred Days by J.N. Andrews –(PDF 552kb)
The Sanctuary, the 2300 Days, and the Shut Door by James White –(PDF 357kb)
The 2300 Days and the Sanctuary by Uriah Smith –(PDF 342kb)
The Cross and Its Shadow by Stephen N. Haskell –(PDF 1.3mb)
Practical Lessons from the Experience of Israel by F.C. Gilbert –(PDF 1.1mb)

The Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation by Uriah Smith –(HTML)
The Story of Daniel the Prohet by Stephen N. Haskell  –(PDF 34 mb)
The Story of the Seer of Patmos by Stephen N. Haskell  –(PDF 43 mb)
The Seven Epistles of Christ by Taylor Bunch (Seven Churches)  –(PDF 643 kb)
The Gift of Prophecy by W.A. Spicer –(PDF 377kb)
* The Revelation of Jesus Christ –Author Unknown –(HTML & PDF)
* The Revelation of Jesus Christ to His People by Verlene Youngberg –(HTML)
* An Introduction to the Seven Thunders –Patrick McCoy –(PDF 20mb)
* Unto 2300 days . . . –Multiple Authors –(HTML/PDF 323kb)
* The Two Systems by Mrs. C.N. Martin –(HTML & PDF)
The Two Babylons By Alexander Hislop –(HTML & PDF)
Why Can’t Astronomers Date the Crucifixion? –(PDF 152kb)
Fox’s Book of Martyrs By John Fox –(HTML & PDF)

Last Day Events
The Unnoticed Waymark by J. A. Hiebert –(PDF 219kb)
God’s Last Effort to Awaken His People by Elder A. M. Dart –(HTML & PDF)
Present Truth for the Finishing Work by Theron S. Tupper –(HTML & PDF)
Preparation for the Latter Rain compiled by B. E. Wagner–(HTML & PDF)
Crisis and Victory by Raymon F. Cottrell –(HTML & PDF)
Schedule of Events in the Time of Trouble by Benjamin Gregory –(HTML & PDF)

Seventh-day Sabbath vrs. Sunday (Laws)
The Law of God

The Law of Moses by O.R.L. Crosier –(PDF 408kb)
History of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week by J. N. Andrews –(HTML)
The Origin and Growth of Sunday Observance by J. H. Waggoner –(PDF)
Rome’s Challenge –Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday? –(HTML)
Sunday Laws and the Papacy by Harold E. Metcalf –(HTML & PDF)
The National Sunday Law (1888) by A.T. Jones –(HTML & PDF)
Enforced Sunday Law Coming soon to America by Vance Ferrell –(PDF)

~ A Book on Seventh-day Sabbath Laws OR Sunday Blue Laws ~
The Case AGAINST Saturday Blue Laws

Other Books of Interest
SDA Fundamental Beliefs –(HTML)
SDA Church Manual –(PDF 751kb)

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