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The Revelation
of Jesus Christ
to His People

by Verlene DeWitt Youngberg, R.N.

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Table of Chapters
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Table of Contents
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      Many books have been written on the messages of the Revelation, but this one is in many ways unique. For those who truly love the Word of God and the counsels of the Spirit of Prophecy, these chapters will be both a challenge and an inspiration.
      The author is a dedicated layperson, who for years has had a prayerful urge to dig deeper into the wonders of this last book of the Bible and present its mighty truths in an appealing way especially for our youth. Her study in the great prophecies of Revelation has led her to the conviction that many of these have a double application, the first, our usual interpretation, and the second a particular message for our particular present day crisis, or as Moffatt’s translation reads —“the crisis at the close.”
      Not only young people but those with more experience, such as ministers and Bible teachers, will appreciate the way these chapters link up strong Scripture passages with illuminating statements from the inspired writings of Ellen G. White. Verlene Youngberg writes as she talks and while her thoughts are deep she presents them in a lucid winning way.
      As this book now leaves the publishers, we believe the fulfillment of God’s promise will be apparent to all that “upon the . . . handmaids in those days will I pour out My Spirit.” Joel 2:29. Being a somewhat unusual treatment of many of the prophecies, some may raise questions in certain areas. But when we remember the objective of the chapters, we will realize that it is not a classroom text nor a syllabus but an earnest attempt to help especially our youth to understand vital truths for this time.
      May the Holy Spirit move each reader to dig deeper into the prophecies of this climaxing book of Scripture which is indeed “the Revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Roy Allan Anderson
Loma Linda University

Isaiah 51:16

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Verlene DeWitt Youngherg, R.N.

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      To my fellow travelers on this uneven journey of life
            —who may be struggling up the steep mountain of difficulty,
            —or caught in the jungle thicket of temptation,
            —or bogged down in the muddy valley of despond,
            —or lost on the deep ocean of sin,
this book is lovingly and prayerfully dedicated.
      May it bring you a breath of fresh air from heaven; may the silver lining on the cloud come into sharp focus; may heavenly sunshine flood the chambers of your mind; and —above all— may
The Revelation of Jesus Christ to His People
become a vital part of your inmost being!

Verlene DeWitt Youngberg, R.N.

Key to Abbreviations
(The following page is copied and placed here from the last page —p. 658.)

AA   —The Acts of the Apostles
BC   —Bible Commentary, Volumes 1-7
CG   —Child Guidance
CH   —Councils on Health
COL   —Christ’s Object Lessons
COR   —Christ Our Righteousness
DA   —The Desire of Ages
Ed   —Education
Ed   —Education
Ev   —Evangelism
EW   —Early Writings
FE   —Fundamentals of Christian Education
FL   —The Faith I Live By
GC   —The Great Controversy
GCB   —General Conference Bulletin
GW   —Gospel Workers
HP   —In Heavenly Places
KH   —That I May Know Him
LS   —Life Sketches
Letter   —To Individuals
Mar   —Maranatha
MB   —Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing
MH   —The Ministry of Healing
ML   —My Life Today
MM   —Medical Ministry
MS   —Manuscript Releases, Volumes 1-7
MYP   —Messages to Young People
OHC   —Our High Calling
PHJ   —Pacific Health Journal Articles
PK   —Prophets and Kings
PP   —Patriarchs and Prophets
QD   —Questions on Doctrine
RH   —Review and Herald Articles, Volumes 1-6
SC   —Steps to Christ
SD   —Sons and Daughters of God
SG   —Spiritual Gifts, Volumes 1-4
SL   —The Sanctified Life
SM   —Selected Messages, Volumes 1 and 2
SpTB   —Special Testimonies, Series B
SR   —The Story of Redemption
ST   —Signs of the Times, Articles
T   —Testimonies for the Church, Volumes 1-9
Te   —Temperance
TM   —Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers
Yl   —Youth Instructor Articles

Art Acknowledgments

Painting by Forrest Rees:
Cover PaintingRevelation 18:1:
“. . . And the earth was lightened with his glory.”

Painting by Newell Niswonger:
The Book in the Father’s HandRevelation 5:1:
“And I saw in the right hand of Him that sat on the throne a book written within, and on the backside sealed with seven seals.”

Painting by Frank Breaden:
( —taken from the NEW PICTORIAL AID FOR BIBLE STUDY. This valuable guide may be purchased through the Australasian Division of SDA, Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia.)

Jesus Kneeling Over the WorldRevelation 1:5, 6:
“. . . Unto Him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood, . . . to Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever: Amen.”
Page 658

The Revelation in Seven Chapters

      —In 404 verses of thrilling importance, tucked away in the final portion of Holy Scripture —Revelation God is revealing His Son, Jesus Christ, to His people.

Introduction:   The Revelation of Jesus through Daniel the Prophet
—An Introduction.

Revelation 1.

In Chapter 1:   Behold the love of Jesus!
Revelation 1.

In Chapter 2:   Hear seven messages from Jesus.
Revelation 2 and 3.

In Chapter 3:   Watch the work of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary.
Revelation 4, 5, 6, 7, 8a, 14c, 19b.

In Chapter 4:   Study the time charts set by Jesus.
Revelation 10, 11a, 14b, 18, 19a,
and Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea, and Habakkuk.

In Chapter 5:   Feel the issues in the controversy against Jesus.
Revelation 12 and 13.

In Chapter 6:   Understand the justice and mercy of Jesus.
Revelation 8b, 9, 11b, 14d, 15ac, 16, 17, 19c.

In Chapter 7:   Choose your eternal reward from Jesus.
Revelation 14a, 15b, 20, 21, 22.

In Appendex 1:   The Sealing.

In Appendex 2:   Perfection.

Scripture Index:   Scripture Index

Page vi


—Turn aside, fellow pilgrim, from life’s busy pathway.
—There is an important interview pending!
—Choose for yourself a secluded Isle of Patmos, where you may sit down by the side of the apostle John.
—A wonderful revelation is in store for you —the most wonderful ever given to mortals.
It is The Revelation of Jesus Christ to His People.

The Introduction:
      The Revelation Of Jesus Through Daniel The Prophet
—will take you back through the streets of old Babylon.
—You will stand on the banks of the river Ulai with the prophet Daniel, as Jesus and the angel Gabriel give him some important keys.
—These keys are to unlock the deep meaning of the visions given to the apostle John in the book of Revelation.
—The harmony and accuracy of Bible prophecy will astound you.

Chapter 1:
      Jesus Revealed to His People
—will give you a new vision of Jesus —His characteristics, His tender love, and His eagerness to become your daily Companion and Friend.
—You can see this revelation of Jesus in His beauty, as you leave behind all other intruding thoughts, and —in reverent quietude, let His image be impressed on your heart and soul.
Page vii

Chapter 2:
      The Seven Messages To God’s Church
—Jesus has seven messages for you.
—They are of such importance that Jesus Himself came down to the Isle of Patmos —in Person —to deliver them.
—He wants to point out dangerous detours in your pilgrimage ahead.
—He saw the problems you would face, and in love, He gives these messages directly to you.
—While the waves break against the rocks, let all other thoughts vanish.
—Listen to the voice of Jesus, as His words of comfort and instruction —and yes, of warning —weave their way into your life.

Chapter 3:
      The Vision Of The Heavenly Sanctuary
—Look up into the most holy place of God’s temple —where Jesus is your Lawyer and Intercessor.
—See the glorious rainbow above God’s throne as it is reflected on the transparent sea of glass.
—Notice the earnest expressions on the faces of the angels, and the twenty-four elders, as the pre-advent judgment is in session.
—Watch —as Jesus lifts His nail-pierced hands —and with tender earnestness says: I gave My life for him, Father. He repents. He believes. Let him be a part of our Family!
—A wave of deep gratitude will flood your soul as you realize that Jesus applies the atonement He made for you on Mount Calvary, to your account in the book of life, —and gives you PARDON.
—You will be deeply grateful for the beautiful life He lived for you, to give you the obedience credit you need for PERFECTION.

Chapter 4:
      Time Prophecies Given To John And Daniel
—You will study the arithmetic of the Bible, and will be amazed at the accuracy of the time prophecies.
—Your faith will be strengthened to see God’s hand at the helm of nations.
—You will see where we are in the stream of time —and the tremendous importance of being prepared NOW for the pre-advent judgment.
—These time-charts will serve as an anchor to your soul in the storm ahead, and by the radar of faith, you will be able to look through the fog —and see the outline of the eternal shore!
Page viii

Chapter 5:
      God’s True Church Vs. Satan’s Counterfeit Church
—You will be carried back through the pages of time to the original peace of God’s universe, —before rebellion at headquarters.
—You will see when a seed of pride grew in the heart of Lucifer, and why sin was permitted.
—You will watch through the centuries as the great controversy rages between Christ and Satan,
—and become familiar with the tremendous issues at stake.
—You will thrill with the universe, as the Conqueror hangs on the cross, and the triumphant announcement rings through the heavens
—“Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ.”  [Rev 12:10]

Chapter 6:
      The Seven Last Plagues And Trumpets —And The Battle Of Armageddon.
—Jesus wants to show you a panorama of final events, as the rebellion against God’s law comes to the explosion point in the greatest time of trouble the world has ever seen.
—Men’s hearts will be failing them for fear; some will desire to die.
—But you, His child, can be carried through the storm on His arms of peace if you will take time now to listen to His voice.
—You may be safe during the great battle of Armageddon!

Chapter 7:
      The Millennium —And Beyond
—Before you leave your Isle of Seclusion, Jesus wants to show you that pearly white city, —the New Jerusalem.
—Your mansion is ready; your crown and harp are waiting. The supper table will soon be served!
—“The Spirit and the bride say, Come . . . And whosoever will let him take the water of life freely . . .”  [Rev 22:17]

Appendix 1:
      The Sealing
—The righteousness of Jesus may be yours by faith,
—is a priceless study-guide of quotations on a most important topic —THE SEALING.

Appendix 2:
—The righteousness of Jesus may be yours by faith,
—as you receive PERFECTION as a gift from Jesus. You accept His pardon, (1John 1:9) and permit Him to give you hatred for sin. (Gen. 3:15)

Scripture Index:

There is a revelation waiting for you, heaven-bound traveler!
—Eagerly, reverently,
—and gratefully —hasten to receive it.

It is The Revelation of Jesus Christ to His People.
Page ix

Table of Contents

The Revelation Of Jesus Through Daniel The Prophet

The eternal kingdom of Christ follows the fall of earthly kingdoms     1
The first outline of history     2
The Stone breaks the image of metal and clay     5
The second outline of history     7
The ten horns of the fourth beast —and the little horn     9
The judgment was set, and the books were opened     10
Jesus receives His everlasting kingdom     11
Further details on the beasts and the little horn     12
The third outline of history     17
The daily sacrifice     21
Gabriel gives Daniel a time chart of 2300 days     22
Daniel’s intercessory prayer     23
Gabriel explains the time chart to Daniel     27
The dates for the baptism and crucifixion of Jesus foretold     28
The relationship of the 70 weeks to the 2300 days     30
What is the sanctuary? —and why does it need to be cleansed?     32
The background for the fourth great outline of history     35
Gabriel wrestles with the powers of darkness for 3 weeks     38
The fourth outline of history     41
Maps of Alexander’s divided kingdom     42 & 43
The king of the north comes into possession of Palestine     45
The sanctuary of strength is polluted     49
The second time of the end     52
Brief history of the king of the north     53
What territory did the king of the north occupy the last time the angel
      refers to him as the king of the north?     54
The king of the north in the second time of the end     55
The great time of trouble     57
The “words” of the prophecy are to be understood at the time of the
purification, or shaking     59
Page xi

Jesus Revealed To His People

Lift Him up, the Man of Calvary!     65
His character of love and sympathy     66
This wonderful Jesus returns to Patmos —with a message for you!     67
Behold, He cometh with clouds     69
Jesus walks among the candlesticks     71
The risen Saviour holds the keys of hell and of death     73

The Seven Messages To God’s Church

The seven messages “extend to the end of time.”     75
The Ephesus message:
      Behold the Lamb of God —during His first advent to earth     76
The Smyrna message:
      The law of God is eternal; thou shalt not make graven images     80
The Pergamos message:
      The Bible is God’s enduring, unalterable Word     85
The Thyatira message:
      The just shall live by faith     92
The Sardis message:
      The hour of God’s judgment is come     101
The Philadelphia message:
      God’s holy law is eternal; remember the Sabbath day     109
      The 144,000 identified     116
The Laodicean message:
      “Buy of Me gold . . . and white raiment . . . and eye salve.”     122
The summary of the seven messages —Jesus     132

The Vision Of The Heavenly Sanctuary

Our High Priest inside the open door of the heavenly tabernacle     137
Where is God’s sanctuary, and why does it need to be cleansed?     138
What is the opening date for the cleansing services?     141
Arithmetic of the Bible     142
The earthly sanctuary and its services compared to the heavenly     143
The beautiful setting inside of God’s glorious throne room     145
The book in the Father’s hand —the book of life     150
The sentinel of justice in the courtroom —God’s holy law     151
John faces the broken law —and feels his need of a Saviour     152
Because Jesus prevailed —He is able to open the book!     153
Page xii

The victory of Jesus answers the two demands of God’s law     154
By His life He gives us PERFECTION; by His death —PARDON     154
Because Jesus is worthy —He takes the book from His Father     155
Legal transactions which are made in the book of hie —during the
      pre-advent judgment     156
The passport with a PARDON needs a visa of PERFECTION     157
Sealed for eternity!     159
All passports are canceled —for those who are trusting in their
      works of self-righteousness     160
Works —and heaven’s bookkeeping system     161
Which book will your name be in?     162
We need have no fear of the judgment —if we accept two promises     162
The second jewel from God’s treasure chest is —hatred for sin!     164
Words of relief for those who make mistakes     165
What happens if we hold on to even one cherished sin?     166
The search for the word PARDON —as the pages are turned     167
The most important moment in your life     168
“I want to live!”     169
The heavenly temple is filled with music of praise to Jesus     170
The opening of the first seal     174
Animals in Bible prophecy carry church groups     175
The pages of two brothers —Cain and Abel     176
Thus the investigative judgment proceeds name by name     177
The opening of the second seal     178
The opening of the third seal     179
Hurt not the oil and the wine! (Appreciate the life Jesus lived for you
      —and be grateful for His death!)     181
The opening of the fourth seal     181
The opening of the fifth seal     183
The opening of the sixth seal     185
The emotional reaction of two groups described     187
The seal of God placed on the foreheads of the 144,000     189
The seal of God in the fourth commandment     190
What is the difference in being sealed with God’s seal in the forehead
      —and being sealed in the book of life?     193
The completeness of the MARK OF PERFECTION     194
Comparison of the fourth seal and the sixth seal candidates     196
God’s “servants” —the 144,000—pray and live for others     197
The 144,000 are representatives of the 12 tribes of Israel     198
The characteristics of the 12 tribes of Israel: (Which tribe might you be
      assigned to?)     198
The great multitude which no man could number     203
The angels’ anthem of thanksgiving —at the close of the judgment     204
The experience of the 144,000     205
The marriage of the Lamb —and the Alleluia Chorus— at the close of the
      pre-advent judgment     207
His wife hath made herself ready     208
The wedding garment is Christ’s spotless robe of perfection     209
The invitation to the marriage supper of the Lamb     210
Page xiii

The opening of the seventh seal     211
Jesus makes the final atonement for the sanctuary and the altar, and places
      sin on the “scapegoat.” (See Leviticus 16:16-22)     211
The seventh section of the Lamb’s book of life     215
The censer is cast out of heaven forever —and probation closes     215
The solemn silence in heaven is interrupted by sad voices —and
      seven trumpets announcing the seven last plagues     216
The earth is “reaped” when the investigative judgment closes     218
The harvest is the end of probationary time     219
The Angel with the sickle gathers the vine of the earth     221
Who is the Angel in charge of the heavenly fire?     222

Time Prophecies Given To John And Daniel

The Angel with the open book     223
The seven thunders     225
The end of prophetic time     226
John was given the open book of Daniel     228
The first angel’s message     229
The second angel’s message     233
John was given a reed like unto a rod —the 10 commandments     235
The third angel’s message     236
The Angel measures the temple —judges the worshipers     238
God’s true church in the crisis time     241
God’s two Witnesses prophesy in sackcloth for 3½ years     242
There is a drought in the days of their prophecy     243
The beast from the bottomless pit makes war     245
God’s Witnesses ascend in a cloud at the time of the latter rain     246
The same hour there is a great earthquake     247
The French Revolution     248
When France declared in legislative assembly that there was no God,
      and set aside the Bible, she was violently shaken     248
God’s Witnesses were elevated in France     251
Revelation 11:13 compared with Revelation 18     252
God removes His protection from one-tenth of Satan’s leaders who
      rebel against His law, and force others to do the same     252
There is great Light ahead! The latter-rain angel comes with the glory
      of Christ’s righteousness to lighten the whole earth!     254
The last urgent call pleads with God’s people to leave Babylon     256
When will the fall of Babylon be complete?     258
Part of Babylon receive double punishment     259
When God’s law is made void by legislative bodies, national ruin will
      follow national apostasy     260
Merchants under Satan’s banner receive the plague of mourning     261
Many branches of industry collapse during the impending conflict     262
In the midst of irretrievable ruin, some will heed God’s warning     265
Page xiv

Babylon’s future foretold     267
The three Sunday laws     269
Two things are unsealed: the book and the words     271
The shaking and the latter rain experience of Daniel 12     272
Probation closed for some, during the third call to the gospel Feast     274
Two times of trouble     275
Earthliness is to be removed in the time of Jacob’s trouble
      —after the sealing and the close of probation— so that
      Christ’s image may be perfectly reproduced in His people
      (Earthliness is not cherished sin.)     275
Simple outline of salvation: Jesus, my Refiner, and my Friend     276
When the wicked “do wickedly” they work against God’s law     277
Chart of the timetables of Daniel 12     278
Power is given to the beast to continue 42 months     279
Ezekiel’s prophecy of an air attack on Palestine     280
God permits judgments so that His people, now in darkness, may learn to
      know Him as their God     282
The rebuilding of Jerusalem     284
Say unto Zion, Thou art My people! Get ready to come home!     285
The spiritual slaughter —the judgment of the living (See Appendix 1 also.)   286
Habakkuk and Hosea add to the word of Daniel, John and Ezekiel     287
Outline of events in the little time of trouble:
    Chart 1: God’s church in sackcloth     288
    Chart 2: The beast makes war     290
    Chart 3: The church with the armor     292
    Chart 4: Without God’s law —ruin and anarchy     294
“. . . The future is opened before us . . .” Are you watching?     296
Calebs needed who will press to the front with courage     298
The seven pathways ahead —as we enter the time of crisis     299
Dare to accept God’s challenge: the pathway of the 4 “whens”     305
Fear to walk down your pathway alone     306

God’s True Church Vs. Satan’s Counterfeit Church

True worship arose spontaneously from the heavenly church —and Lucifer
      was the choir director     307
The founding of false worship: “I will be like the Most High.”     308
Lucifer spread discontent among the angels     310
Disaffection ripened into active revolt against God’s law     311
Evil must come to maturity to show results of setting aside the law     312
One-third of the angels followed Satan in rebellion —and war     313
God created planet earth after Satan fell from heaven     315
God’s true church on earth —Adam and Eve     316
The memorial of creation —holy time on the seventh day, for the
      created to commune with the Creator     318
Page xv

Adam and Eve are warned     319
Would Adam and Eve be obedient to God’s law?     320
Eve believes the serpent —instead of God     321
Adam, in disloyalty to God, joins Eve in disobedience     322
An emergency counsel was called —a “counsel of peace.”     323
Jesus pleads to rescue fallen man —and to Christ God
      “commits the fallen race.”     324
Adam and Eve receive their sentence of death —and a promise of hope!   325
The great controversy begun in heaven rages on planet earth     327
Every individual decides which leader he will follow     327
The conflict between God’s true church —and Satan’s counterfeit church  328
God’s church, represented by a pure woman, wears only one crown     329
The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among US     330
Satan seeks to destroy the baby Jesus     331
Jesus is triumphant over Satan and sin     332
At the death of Jesus, Satan was unmasked before the universe     333
When Jesus cried, “It is finished,” He died a Conqueror!     334
The great controversy between Christ and Satan is forever settled     336
Triumphant words: Now is come —salvation, strength, God’s kingdom,
      and Christ’s power     337
How may fallen man overcome Satan?     338
The devil is angry with God’s people     339
The builders of God’s church shine like jets of light     341
Two characteristics of God’s true remnant church     342
The great red dragon —with seven heads and ten horns     344
The sixth head receives power —and later a deadly wound     346
After the healing, the beast and his head receive universal worship     348
Blasphemy     350
Severe persecution rekindled     351
God’s other true sheep will heed His call     352
The beast with two horns like a lamb —the United States     354
An image is made to the wounded beast —by the beast with lamblike horns   357
The mark of the beast     358
God’s special sign —His seal in the fourth commandment    
Death lies ahead for many who honor God’s holy law     361
No man will be able to buy or sell —without the mark of the beast     363
Now is the time to sacrifice for God     364
The number of his name     365
Those resisting God’s truth —will be deceived by miracles     366
So called “faith” healers —VS. God’s method of healing 367
Channels for Satan’s electric currents     368
Satan’s plan for ensnaring the last generation —and making them a
      part of his counterfeit church:
    1. Satan deceives —through the science of the human mind     369
    2. Satan deceives —through the tongue’s movement     369
    3. Satan’s plan for labor unions     370
Page xvi

    4. Satan’s plan against the testimonies     371
    5. Satan’s strategy against Sabbath keepers     371
    6. Satan’s valuable tool —the television     373
    7. Satan’s masterpiece of deception —spiritualism     374
    8. Satan’s crowning act in the drama of deception     377
God offers protection from Satan’s deceptions —to all who choose it   378
Some will change leaders —and not know it     379
God’s church is not to be disorganized —or broken into atoms     380
The two armies in the Impending Conflict     380

The Seven Last Plagues And Trumpets
—And The Battle Of Armageddon

The censer of intercession is cast out of heaven —and probation is closed  381
Every man makes his own choice     382
God’s ministry of wrath is a strange act     383
The seven angels are given seven golden vials     384
Outline of the plagues of the seven trumpets and the seven vials     385
The first plague upon the earth —incurable sores— and God’s Holy Spirit is withdrawn from the wicked     386
The second plague upon the sea —turns one-third of it to blood— and
      God’s burning presence descends to begin consuming sin     387
The third plague upon the rivers and fountains —makes poison water— and
      Jesus and the Bible are no longer available to those who have refused
      their light     389
The fourth plague makes changes in the sun     392
The angel with three woes     393
The time of the first five plagues     394
The fifth plague brings misery and pain to Satan’s people —and is
      inflicted by his tormenting angels     395
God allows Satan five months to demonstrate his form of government
      before the universe     395
God gives three orders to Satan and his cruel army of evil angels     396
Description of the devil’s angels     397
The sixth plague falls upon the river Euphrates —and the water of the
      symbolic city of Babylon (on its banks) begins to dry up     398
Revolution 9 —slaying of one-third of men by the devil’s angels  399
The devil’s kingdom begins to dissolve —to make way for the Kings of
      the east to reign     401
Jesus, King of kings; the Father, King of hosts; and the Holy Spirit,
      King of Salem     401
The spirits of devils begin to gather their hosts for the last battle     402
The devil’s tactics today     403
Page xvii

Battle between the good and evil angels —over even one soul     407
Precious promises to praying parents —and others     410
Conditions of answered prayer     411
The history of Babylon —and her judgment during the plagues     414
Who is the beast that carries the woman Babylon?     415
What are the characteristics of Babylon?     416
Babylon, fallen churchcraft —reigns over all seven of Satan’s governments  417
The ten horns hate the woman Babylon —and in her final end, eat her flesh
      and burn her with fire     417
The totem pole of evil forces     418
Who are the ten kings who have united hatred for Babylon —when she
      receives her “judgment”?     419
Satan’s seven world governments unite churchcraft with statecraft —and
      persecute God’s people     420
Satan’s seventh world kingdom is just ahead of us.     424
There are seven forces presented to us in Revelation 17. Which of the
      seven groups will you be in?     425
The seventh plague is poured out into the air —and the battle of
      Armageddon follows     427
God’s great time clock points to three events     428
“It is done.”     429
Great hail —about sixty-six pounds in weight     431
King Jesus rides forth —wearing seven crowns     433
Jesus calls forth His sleeping saints     434
The beast and false prophet are cast into burning fire     436
The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord     437
The empty vials     438

The Millennium —And Beyond

God sets before us a choice —life or death; blessing or cursing     439
What happens to the righteous and wicked at Christ’s coming?     440
What happens to Satan and to this earth?     441
There is no second chance during the millennium     442
The beginning of the millennium —a flight through space     444
The two Adams meet     444
During the millennium the redeemed reign with Christ —and judge the
      wicked dead     445
Satan reflects on his rebellion against God     446
At the close of the millennium the wicked dead are raised     447
The third coming of Christ to this earth     448
The holy city descends     449
Satan prepares his people for the battle of Gog and Magog     449
The wicked stand before the judgment bar of God     451
The panorama of the great controversy pictured in the sky     452
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The foolish virgins ask for entrance into the Holy City     452
All of the wicked —including Satan —confess the justice of God  453
Satan’s character is unmasked before his own people     453
God’s government —and law —vindicated before the universe     454
The wicked turn with fury against Satan     454
The sea of liquid fire —seething and boundless     455
Who will be in the lake of fire?     456
Satan and his angels are consumed —nevermore to exist     457
“Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”     457
The earth is purified by the fire, and then —recreated!     458
The family reunion —God and His people in open communion!  460
A life that measures with the life of God     462
Life in our country estate —our inheritance     463
Adventures through space —and scientific discoveries     465
Treasured associations of the redeemed     466
Great family reunions in the Holy City every Sabbath     468
The supper table —served by Jesus Himself     468
A detailed description of the New Jerusalem     469
The gates of the New Jerusalem     470
The walls with their twelve foundations     471
Each of the twelve tribes has its special foundation and gate     472
The golden City and its Light     474
Nothing which defiles shall enter the Holy City     474
The gates of heaven are closed to unfaithful parents and gluttons     475
The gates are also shut to those with impure minds     475
The tree of life —by the side of the river of life     476
“The Master Teacher leads His pupils to the tree of life     477
The special makeup class     477
The garden of Eden is restored inside of the Holy City     478
God’s temple —and another throne —are on beautiful Mount Zion     479
Jesus stands on Mount Zion with the 144,000     481
The song of Moses and the Lamb —the song of intercessors     483
The 144,000 face the issues concerning God’s law     484
The throne of David has twelve groups in its governing body     486
Worship services with the golden harps     487
Educate the imagination —and become heavenly minded     488
“Behold, I come quickly.”     489
“Blessed are they that do His commandments.”     492
Whosoever loveth and maketh a lie     494
The effect of fictitious stories on the mind —mental inebriates     495
Those who dwell with God will —stop their ears from hearing of blood,
      and shut their eyes from seeing of evil     496
A letter from your Friend with detailed information     498
Visit your Isle of Patmos frequently. Feel the book of Revelation     499
The gospel invitation is to be presented to every living soul     501
God warns against tampering with His Word in the Revelation     503
“Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”     504
The Revelation of Jesus Christ to His people —will soon be—
face to face!
Page xix

The Sealing

Transactions necessary for the sealing —requirements for traveling
      to heavenly Canaan     508
Steps involved in securing a passport with a legal visa     508
The passport —with a clean space to add the visa of righteousness”   510
The value of a soul     512
The heavenly visa —the righteousness of Christ     513
The sinner has a double debt to God’s broken law     514
Because Jesus paid our double debt to God’s law, He can make two great
      transactions at the time of the investigative judgment     515
Christ’s righteousness is written to the accounts of His pardoned children,
      when their names are called in the judgment     516
The seal of God is necessary in order to retain our passport     516
Christ’s righteousness is also our righteousness by faith —today     517
Sealed for eternity     518
The sealing of the living     519
A mark placed on the foreheads of the living     520
The sealed person during the time of Jacob’s trouble     522
The sealing and the shaking of the investigative judgment     525
The sealing and the slaughtering of the living —Ezekiel 9     526
What causes a shaking among God’s people?     528
The crisis when God’s law is made void     529
Summary of the shaking     531
Crisis, decision, and triumph ahead     532
The shaking of God’s living church precedes the latter rain     534
Who is to be exalted in the latter rain?     537
Conclusions regarding the sealing of the living     538
God’s insurance policy —the gift of hatred for sin     544
The opening of the seven seals —Revelation 6, 7, 8     547
Outline of the seven seals which are opened on the book of life  549
Horses and their riders —in Bible prophecy     551
Investigation of the first six seals on the book of life     552
The object of the first six seals     554
The seventh seal on the book of life     554
The atonements for the sanctuary and the altar of incense     555
The silence in heaven     556
Twenty-three points to consider in studying the seals     557


What is perfection?     560
Man at creation; man after the fall     562
Christ developed a perfect character for fallen man     564
Page xx

God in human flesh —with two distinct, perfect natures:
      At the beginning of His earthly life     566
      Throughout His life     568
      His divine and human mind     568
      Miracles and works     570
      In temptation     571
      With infirmities (not evil propensities)     572
      In the wilderness     573
      Our Sin-bearer —when sin was placed on Him in the garden   575
      In the garden of Gethsemane     576
      At His trial     578
      On the cross     580
      The complete and perfect atonement; resurrection; ascension   582
Perfection —a gift to repenting and believing sinners     584
Advantages vs. no advantages     586
The Holy Spirit applies the perfection wrought out by Jesus     588
Cherished sin vs. hatred for sin     590
When may we have Christ’s perfection?     592
Perfection vs. character building or growth     593
Perfection of the flesh vs. Christian perfection of the soul     596
Method of sinlessness while living in sinful bodies     600
Faith vs. works     604
The cost of discipleship     606
Christ, our perfection, is now in the heavenly sanctuary     608
Christ’s perfection is applied to the records of the sanctuary     608
The records of God’s professed children are to be examined     610
The record of sin is removed from the book of life     611
Typical and antitypical cleansing: the sanctuary —the individual  612
The sealing of the investigative judgment     618
The sealing of God’s children —past, present and future     620
The investigative judgment is also referred to as the harvest     621
Condition of a sealed person     622
Mental condition of a sealed person     624
A sealed person stands without a Mediator     626
The sealing does not confer immortality     626
The sealing and the slaughtering of Ezekiel 9     628
The shaking of the investigative judgment     630
The shaking of the living members of the church     630
God’s church will be purified in the shaking     632
The perfection of grace (Jesus) —in the early and latter rain     634
Message of Christ’s righteousness is carried during the latter rain  636
Probation closes  638
The delivery of the everlasting covenant —promise of eternal life  638
The value of Christ’s victory     640
The crisis and the triumph of God’s church     640
The memory of sin     646
Our perfection in eternity is Christ     647

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