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Chart Collection

The prophetic charts on this webpage are FREE to download
and use for study, printing, and teaching. LittleBookOpen does not print
or sale the charts
. Most of the charts come in resolutions that lend
to printing up to poster size. Please remember that these charts are
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Study Charts

These 34 charts were made by the author of this website
between 1971 and 1978. They explain the fulfilled and unfulfilled
prophecies of Daniel, Revelation, and Matthew 24.
You may study them on this website with commentary.

These charts may be downloaded in the following formats:
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      Low-Resolution JPG files. ( ± 2 mb Zip file)
      Hi-Resolution JPG files. ( ± 21 mb Zip file)
Large JPG charts on one HTML page. —6.1mb
      Hi-Resolution JPG charts in PowerPoint. ( ± 22 mb Zip file)
      (PowerPoint Viewer downloaded from this site.) (25.8 mb)

Romanian Translation PDF file —3.4 mb

     —Teachers of Prophecy! For an even higher resolution, PNG files are provided so that poster size charts can be printed, up to 48 inches wide. (Note: this page is over 100 MB with 37+ very large chart files.)  (All these files are U.S. Copyright © protected. Please use these files for teaching only, NO RESALE.  —Thank you.)


The 2300 Day Mirror Chart
This is a unique chart. It is actually two charts in one and teaches that there is both a historical fulfillment, the 2300 years (the upper half), and a last-day fulfillment of the seven thunders, the 2300 days (the lower half). The 2300 years is the type which points to and explains the 2300 days, the antitype. This chart explains the plan of salvation from both the earthly sanctuary of Moses and from the heavenly sanctuary of which Christ is now our High Priest. It teaches how Christ, the Angel of Prophecy, completes the prophetic plan of salvation in both history and for the last generation by the act of cleansing the heavenly sanctuary from the sins of the repentant saints, —which is soon to be fulfilled!
This chart does not represent a dual application
in the sense that the interpretation can be different,
but it is the repeating of the prophecies of Daniel
in the most accurate interpretation.

(For the study of this chart click here.)

“Thou must prophesy again . . .”
Revelation 10:11

Mirror Chart   —.6 mb

Poster Size File   —7.7 mb


Prophetic History will be Repeated
Would you like to know—
What prophetic history will be repeated?


Free Prophetic History Repeated PDF Book

The Closeing Events Chart by Gordon Collier, Sr

The Closing Events Chart
by Gordon Collier, Sr.

Faster Viewing —8 mb

Large one-piece JPG —24 mb

Large one-piece PDF —24 mb
The Closing Events Chart
! is being reprinted !
by SealingTime Ministries.
For ordering information, go to—



The History of Redemption
Study Chart
Printed copies may be purchased at www.egpa.net
They have an excellent website and are
fulfilling the Gospel commission in a special way!
A 33 page PDF Guide Book is also available.

Faster Viewing —5.3 mb

Large one-piece JPG —15.7 mb

PDF Adobe Reader Doc —2.6 mb


The 7000 Year Great Controversy Chart
Made by Melanchthon Lee
Posted with permission.
This chart, from beginning to the end, shows that
the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan
is about the Law of God. The 144,000, who live
through the time of trouble created by Sunday Laws,
will prove that God is love and His plan is right.

Small JPG file —1.8 mb

Large JPG file — 9.2mb

PDF Adobe Reader Doc —1.4 mb


Millerite 1843 Chart

B&W Faster Viewing —951 kb

B&W Large One-piece JPG —1.3 mb

B&W PDF Adobe Reader Doc —2.6 mb


Millerite 1850 Chart

Larger One-piece JPG —2.4 mb

Sanctuary Chart

The Sanctuary —426 kb

“Unto 2300 Days,
then shall the sanctuary be cleansed”

“Unto 2300 Days, then shall the sanctuary be cleansed” —463 kb

457 BC to Present

457 BC to Present —472 kb

SDA Pioneer Time Line Chart

SDA Pioneer Time Line Chart —364 kb

SDA Church Time Line Chart

SDA Church Time Line Chart —783 kb

Chronology of Last Day Events

Chronology of Last Day Events —729 kb

Has Time Been Lost

Has Time Been Lost —1.2 mb

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