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Title: Matthew 24 --Introduction

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      The Aim for this Study
      The Starting Place

      Never should we try to build a spiritual house without a firm foundation! The reason we need to study Matthew 24 before the seven thunders is because it is a very special chapter sent to us from Jesus, applying directly to the generation now living, and it is the foundation upon which the antitype of prophecy is built. Jesus on the Mount of Olives answered the disciples’ three questions (verse 3) very specifically. His answer points toward a specific generation (verse 34; see also 23:36) regarding a specific sign (verse 15) that generation is to watch for. Jesus directs our study toward specific events in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
      I believe there is a principle in Bible prophecy which Jesus teaches us in Matthew 24 that explains many difficult prophecies in Daniel and Revelation. This is what I see as the type and antitype of prophecy principle.
      The Type: Nearly all the prophecies have a historical fulfillment (before our time), which in most cases is only a “partial fulfillment.” I describe these prophecies as a partial fulfillment because in many (if not all the prophecies), only a portion of the prophecy was fulfilled. It is clear that some of the details can not be explained in the context of our historical interpretations. (See examples.) In these studies we will refer to the historical fulfilled prophecies as the “type fulfillment.” (Of course, this would not apply to the prophecies which are obviously still future such as the plagues, the prophecy of Daniel 11:40-45, the many passages of the Second Coming of Christ, etc.)
      The Antitype: On the other hand, nearly all of the historically fulfilled prophecies have another more direct fulfillment, —a fulfillment in the last days of earth’s history. These repeated prophecies are the “antitype fulfillment,” when all the details in the prophecy will be fulfilled.
      And yet, from both these groups of prophecies, type and antitype, it can be seen that they contain principles that are generally applicable at all times.   Further Study 1

The Aim for this Study

      We believe that the prophetic history of Matthew 24 is a “type” of what will have a more direct application in the last closing scenes of earth’s history, which is the “antitype” fulfillment! In other words, when Jesus named the specific sign— “the abomination of desolation” —in answering the question “what shall be the sign of thy coming,” He meant it to be a type to the disciples’ generation and its antitype to be fulfilled during the last generation of this earth’s history.

      As we study the pillars of prophecy (the historical types) in the brighter light of being distinctly repeated in the last events of earth’s history, we will endeavor to leave personal opinion and speculation out! And that is exactly why we are here in Matthew 24. Jesus gives us a principle of prophetic interpretation, which He also applies to the book of Daniel (and Revelation). That principle is this: that a prophecy can be applied to more than one specific event, —it can have more than one interpretation! But if a prophecy is to have another application, it must be a “Thus saith the Lord,” which applies that application/fulfillment! Jesus is the Lord, and when He speaks we should listen intently, for it truly is “Thus saith the Lord!” In this study, we will see that He was not only specific to the disciples, but He is specific to the last generation on earth!
      This is the gold we will dig for in these studies. We are not to be misled by fool’s gold of satanic devising! We are to find and gather for ourselves the pure gold of Jesus’ character. He loves us, the last generation of earth’s sinful history, and He warns us of every major event (which includes many details) so that we will not be deceived by the false christs and false prophets. We have only to ask for the pure gold from Jesus. It is there, free for the understanding.)   Further Study 2
      With the aid of the Holy Spirit, we will have to untiringly dig deep into the mine of God’s Word! So, let us ask of our Heavenly Father’s blessing and for wisdom only He can give! God gives understanding to the true in heart, who are willing to sacrifice all for His honor.   Further Study 3

The Starting Place
      In answer to the disciples’ questions, Jesus gives a historical type which portrays in a very significant way the closing events of this earth’s history. He had no need to present a long detailed answer, for the details are to be found in the fulfilled prophetic type. He gives a simple answer and directs us to Daniel if we wish more understanding, and most certainly He would have included the Revelation had it been written! These Two Witnesses (Further Study 4), Daniel and Revelation (Revelation 11), are enlargements of this discourse from Jesus. When we fully understand the importance of the message Jesus gave the disciples, then and only then will the books of Daniel and Revelation have their proper place in our message and in our relationship with Heaven!
      The starting place for the study of types and antitypes of prophecy is not in Daniel; neither is it in the Revelation! We find only one place to start— MATTHEW 24! Matthew 24 is small in size and very concise in content. It is a capsule of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

Matthew 24 is a Capsule of Prophecy

      It is here that we have our starting point, which reaches deeper than we can imagine into the books of Daniel and Revelation. And it is here that Jesus answers the disciple’s questions about the closing events of earth’s history! To us also these answers are of the utmost importance! It’s prophecies relate to us in these last days more than to any other generation since Jesus gave it on the Mount of Olives!
      No words can stress the importance of starting in Matthew 24! First we will study the historical interpretation as Jesus applied it to the disciple’s generation. I believe that it is only in understanding the historical fulfillment that we can properly understand the last day fulfillment of the same events.   Further Study 5

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