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      A Great Storm is Coming!

A Great Storm is Coming!
      Yes, a great storm is coming. It will be an overwhelming surprise to most people, both Christian and non-Christian. As the end of the world draws closer, this spiritual storm will grow in intensity with all the elements of a real storm. There will be great dark and heavy clouds rolling over the earth bringing great damage on life to those who are not sealed with the seal of God, as the pre-judgments are released to awaken mankind to the final Day of Judgment, just before the seven last plagues.
      Jesus on the Mount of Olives warned the disciples of a great spiritual storm coming upon the church. He taught that His prophecy was not only to be fulfilled to the disciples generation (and to every succeeding generation down through the Dark Ages of persecution), but all the events of His prophecy were to be fulfilled to the last living generation also. Thus he taught that the prophecies were to be repeated. Specifically repeated!
      Surely, all the signs will have specific meanings for us as the last generation, but what of the specific sign He gave the disciples? —The abomination of desolation. What does that sign mean to us? This section will explain what the abomination is for the last generation, which leads the world down the one-way road to its end, —desolation. We will not be studying the contemporary views being taught today, except to show that Satan wants the world to believe that this abomination has something to do with a literal temple to be built in literal Jerusalem and the anti-christ. This may happen, but it is NOT the true fulfillment of the prophecy which is found in the book of Daniel.

Further Study:
 • “transgression of desolation”—Daniel 8:13,14
 • “the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate,
      even until the consummation”—Daniel 9:27
 • “shall place the abomination that maketh desolate”—Daniel 11:31
 • “the abomination that maketh desolate set up”—Daniel 12:11

      I am so sorry to have to break this off at this point,
but the rest of this study is under construction.

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