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Title-- The Seven Thunders --An Introduction

Those Who Refuse To Remember
And Learn From the Past—

Are Condemned to Relive It!

George Santayana

Prayer is commuication with God—
Please pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit as you study!
In this age of computers, nearly everything comes fast, —too fast.
We expect the answer NOW! But that is not the case with Bible study.
—So please, slow down, take your time, and do a thorough study—
And God’s blessing will be yours!
In this study we will be discovering the saving truths
of Revelation 10 by using scripture, —and scripture alone.
ALL links are vitally important in understanding the seven thunders in this study!
“Hot type” will take you to related Bible texts, other portions of studies,
or to Further Study  (FS) comments.

Seven Thunders       Everything we have covered to this point has been a foundation upon which our soul temple of Christ and His Righteousness is built. But it is only the foundation! The soul temple which will withstand the great tribulation storm soon to come will be built by understanding God’s truths and applying them to our lives! It is very important that the “Introduction” and “Matthew 24” studies be carefully read before going into this study of the seven thunders. Please! if you have not yet read those studies, take this opportunity to do so.
      This study takes us to what I believe is the most exciting —sweet as honey [Rev. 10:10]— study of salvation for our generation! I believe the seven thunders of Revelation 10 are the greatest faith building study of the Bible! —although on the surface it may not appear so. They are in the very center of the prophetic book of Revelation and their message events are the very heart of all last day messages! And, whether we want it so or not, they will soon be in the very center of our lives. Accepting or rejecting their messages will show on who’s side we are —Jesus or Satan.
      Looking through the port hole of Revelation 10, opens the way of understanding “the testimony of Jesus Christ” which “is the Spirit of Prophecy.” in its more complete fulfillment of these last days. [Rev. 12:17; Rev. 19:10] There is only one proper interpretation of the seven thunders! The people which Jesus has given the proper interpretation of prophetic history are the only people which will show the true meaning and place of prophetic history in the seven thunders of the last days! This is Heaven designed and all other last day prophecies are to be interpreted in the great light (the ‘lightning’ of the last-day storm) coming from these seven thunders; for it is written “thou must prophesy again” [Rev. 10:11] "Again" infers that fulfilled prophetic history of the unsealed little book will be repeated! —Thus, the seven thunders are vitally important to our salvation as we are the last generation and they will soon be a part of our lives! (Further Study —Reasons to Study the Seven Thunders.)
      Discovering what the seven thunders are in Daniel and Revelation will give us a better understanding of God’s grace, His power, and His plan to save this generation and end the great controversy. Words fail in describing how I feel when I view the plan God put into effect thousands of years ago, —all to end in the events of the seven thunders. By Jesus guiding hand the prophecies of all the prophets were written in such a way that they could be understood ONLY by the generation they pertained to. And now, it is our privilege as the last generation to study and act on all the prophecies —capsuled in the seven thunders— the last phase of Bible prophecy fulfilled. The seven thunders are going to put all living to the test [Rev. 13:15-17], and that is the reason for the straight testimony of Jesus. They are designed to make the entire human race decide for or against the care of God in their lives. There will be no fence riders: All will be on one side or the other! The choice is “to love” or “to hate!”
      The straight testimony of Jesus will show us the sacred things of God in His Heavenly Sanctuary [Heb. 8:1,2]. We are to look within the veil of the Heavenly Sanctuary and see the salvation of God for our souls! God has provided a feast of knowledge for our salvation if we will but reverently enter with the minds-eye into the Holy of Holies!
      Christ will be heard by all who are living in the last days of this earth’s history. Seven times will the thunder of His voice be heard. Some will understand these thunders in love and some in fear. Jesus wishes for all to see His love and that none be lost! He uses the seven thunders to wake us up (Matthew 25:1-13), and explain in great detail that it is He who is in charge: He who says, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” [Rev. 1:8] Jesus displays the depth and fullness of His Father’s love so that we may reflect perfectly His character. After six thousand years of degeneration, —after generations and generations of man’s degeneration from the perfect pair He created in the Garden of Eden, God chooses the weakest of generations, the most degenerate, with the most diseases, and most deformed bodies and minds, to show that by their choice and His Power —they can live sinless lives! Amen and Amen for God’s Saving Power! [Rev. 14:1-5]
      In the ‘Revelation of Jesus Christ’ are the keys which unlock the events of the future in the greatest messages ever told to the world. The great controversy between Christ and Satan is about to come to its dramatic climax. Christ has an urgent message of warning and caution, of direction and guidance, as the people purchased by His blood, face the impending conflict —the pre-advent judgment of the living, the cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary, and the marriage of the Lamb. Listen carefully —earnestly— to His messages!
      The three angel’s messages [Rev. 14:6-12] are much wider in scope than we have yet dared to understand! The understanding of chapter 10 is very vital in the preaching of the “everlasting gospel” to the last generation. Especially that we understand the proper fulfillment of “the hour of his judgment is come.”
      John heard and understood the seven thunders! He is our type! It is now time for us to pray for understanding that Jesus will complete in our lives what was only symbolic to John! It is NOW TIME to study and know them before they happen! They certainly won’t help us after their fulfillment and we dare not guess at their meaning during their fulfillment! These massages are to prevent anyone from saying, “If I had known before what I now know, I would never have. . .” Praise God, they are to be known before they have their fulfillment! That is symbolized by the act of John eating the little book of the seven thunders. All peoples must receive the warning message of the “little book open” before the close of this world’s probation! [Rev. 10:11; Rev. 10:2; Dan. 12:1; Rev. 22:11]
      It is NOW TIME for us to understand and write them down [Hab. 2:1-4] that they may be fulfilled! Let us with the consecration of the Holy Spirit ask of the Lord from His written Word what He wants us to know and do in these last days. “Let us then reverently take our places beside the astonished prophet and watch as the Lamb of God unrolls the scroll.” (Unfolding the Revelation, p. 62.4 by R.A. Anderson).
      Jesus says to our generation, “So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” [Matt. 24:33-35]

Why do we need the seven thunders?

As the thunders rolled on Mount Sinai in the giving
of the Law, so must thunder roll again in the last days
—to bring men again to the importance of His Law—
a transcript of His character.

The Next Study

Preparation for the
Clap of Thunder

      The next study, in a small way, explores the chapters preceding the reading of the little book in Revelation 10, —chapters 1-9. Our Heavenly Father and Jesus have specific reasons:
       for sending seven messages to the churches
       for a very graphic throne room scene and what it takes to receive the book
       for the unsealing of the seven seals binding the book
       and for the blowing of the seven trumpets
—then comes the reading of the little book, which sound like seven thunders! We are not going into a detailed study of chapters 1-9 at this time, but it is a very necessary step to at least touch upon the main points of these chapters in our search for the meaning of the seven thunders!
      We need to realize the effort and price paid by Heaven for the understanding of the seven thunders for our generation!

Our next study will answer the following questions:
      1.   What is going on in Heaven concerning this little book?
      2.   Why does the Father have the book?
      3.   Why is it so hard to find someone who is qualified to take the book,
            break it’s seals, and read it?

      4.   What happens before the reading of the little book?
      5.   What do the Seven Churches, Seven Seals, and the Seven Trumpets have
            to do with the reading of the little book?

Next Study—

Preparation for the Clap of Thunder

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