Seven Thunders Introduction

The Seven Thunders
-Reasons to Study the Seven Thunders-

  1. Jesus is the “the mighty angel”.
  2. He “cries with a loud cry.”
  3. Jesus is the One who reads the book.
  4. Jesus paid the price of His blood for the possession of the book and that it could be read (that includes the seven thunders).
  5. It is Jesus who reads the seven thunders.
  6. “The messages of the seven thunders obviously were not a revelation for the people of John’s day. They doubtless revealed details of the messages that were to be proclaimed at “the time of the end” (Dan 12:4)” 7BC 797.2.6.
  7. Since it (Daniel) was closed up only till the time of the end, it naturally follows that at the time of the end it would be opened.
  8. Daniel’s prophecy declares that the people of God will understand its sealed portion. Dan. 12:3,4
  9. We are the last generation.
10. Why did the throne of Heaven go to the extreme reaches of the Universe to find Someone who would unseal a book?
11. The book was paid for by the blood of a life, the most costly of prices, is the contents of this book sealed?
12. Why the book was unsealed and the announcement given to hear the reading of the book, was it sealed?
13. Our Leader has sent a Messenger to help us understand!
14. Ellen White has revealed explicitly who the Mighty Angel is!
15. She explains what the seven thunders are; where they are found; and their relationship to the three angel’s messages, the book of Daniel, and 1844.
16. With all this evidence, how can we allow the revealed contents of this book to remain sealed from our minds.
17. How sweet are the seven thunders in light of the Righteousness of Christ in the three angel’s messages!
18. We as the last generation are not left in the dark!
19. The fact is that we of all generations need and will have the most light and truth ever given, received, and used by any single generation of mankind!
20. The understanding of the seven thunders help us realize our failure and turn that failure into victory? YES!!!
21. The open book of Revelation 10 is the same sealed book of Revelation chapters 4 & 5.
22. Jesus is worthy to take the book, unseal it (the seven seals), and calls forth seven more angels to blow seven trumpets which command the attention of all living on earth in the final days of earth’s history, to listen to the reading of the little book.
23. Jesus is the only person in the universe who can “look thereon” and “read” the open book. (see 5:3,4)
24. But the seven thunders are just the first part of the reading of this book, —and that being a very small portion of the book.
25. The seven thunders Jesus reads are seven events foretold in great detail in the book of Daniel, particularly chapters 7-12.
26. In the 2300 years of it’s fulfilling the “type” of the prophecy of Daniel, it is now in the last hour of earth’s history, to have it’s primary and full fulfillment —the “antitype”.
25. It is the most important message we can have for this time, —as the last generation of history!
26. The book for which Jesus paid with His life, is the most important book of the Heavenly Kingdom.
27. Even though it appears that this book is a book of prophecy, it is far more! It is not just a revealing of events of the last days of earth’s history; for it shows the great controversy from beginning to end. But still, it is more than that; for Jesus did not pay the price of His life for any prophecy, —no matter how great the prophecy!
28. He paid the price of his life, his blood, to save life! Not only to save the life of every repentant sinner, but to secure the universe from future rebellion! So then, this book is for more than past, present, future history and prophecy! It is the Book of Life! In the symbols of this book are described ages of living human beings who’s lives were given in service for their Master! It’s their names (and ours) that puts the price on this book so high!
29. THE SEVEN THUNDERS HAVE A GREAT WORK TO DO. These seven thunders will do a work as no other work has ever been done for mankind with the exception of Christ on the cross! In other words; what the events surrounding the cross were to the Jews, the little book of seven thunders are to us, —”CHRIST AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.”
30. They have their fulfillment in the near future, in the last physical events of this earth’s history. They are —in fact— “the events!”
31. The saints have a work to complete in the events of the seven thunders.
32. They have a special work of salvation in the heavenly sanctuary through and by Jesus Christ for the special preparation needed to face a Holy God —particularly the 144,000.
33. Their thundering messages of the testimony of Jesus and the Law of God to all the world from the Most Holy of the Heavenly Sanctuary atop Mount Zion will not be missed. What Mount Sinai was to the Jews, Mount Zion is to us!
34. Jesus guides His saints in the seven thundering events, making a sure foundation for their faith to stand strong.
35. The seven thunders show that Christ is the Captain of the Lord’s host who will stand at the head of the angels of heaven to direct the battle for the benefit of His people.
37. The seven thunders of Daniel are the three angel’s messages lived out in real time starting with the National Sunday Law which United States passes, going through the latter rain and loud cry, and through the plagues (after the close of probation) in their fullest understanding of which we (by God’s grace) will take part in!
38. The title, THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, tells the overall meaning of the thunders! It tells us that Jesus is come to “reveal,” and not to “seal up!”
39. Daniel says, “the wise shall understand,” (Dan 12:10) when speaking of those who would live in the last great controversy. And John tells us, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” (Rev 1:3).
40. The seven thunders were written before John wrote the book of Revelation! Before he saw this vision! John was not shown anything new in regard to these seven thunders, except to recognize how they related to other prophecies and fulfillments, which he wrote in the book of Revelation.
41. Jesus used the most simple phrase- “seal up” to actually “reveal” the place they were made known.
42. The message that we as the last generation preach to the world is not a message of the past! As the world is taken captive by demons in these last days, who is going to listen to a message of prophecies which have pasted off the scene? Now, we are careful not to white-wash these wonderful God given prophecies and messages of the past. The last message that shakes the world, calling them out of Babylon’s demonic teachings is a NOW MESSAGE!!! After the National Sunday Law we will go forward as an army “conquering and to conquer” in the sure Word of the Testimony of Jesus in the Spirit of Prophecy! With Daniel’s passed historical prophecies as a type, we will without error, show the world the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF JESUS CHRIST in the last seven events of earth’s history! THE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY, —WE WILL HAVE IT! —WE WILL TEACH IT AND THE WORLD WILL KNOW AND SEE IT AS TRUTH!!
43. The eating of the little book of Daniel’s seven thunders shows not only that the last generation are reading and studying it, but that the events of the book are happening to a living generation. (Only a living person can eat.) And then, it is seen that the contents of the book turn to a bitter experience as the prophecies provide an insight into the hard times and persecution of the saints in the last days.
44. We have been living in the Day of God and are now in the last hours of earth’s history! The Great Revealer of secrets in the true testimony (12:11) of the spirit of prophecy (19:10) tells us in unsurpassed detail what we are to do and how it is to be done in His Guiding power.
45. All this centers in the receiving of the little book paid for by the Divine blood of the slain Lamb of God (Rev 4&5), and the reading of that book (Daniel) by Jesus in the revelation of the seven thunders as they relate to the last generation!
46. In Revelation 10 are the keys which unlock the seven events of the future in the greatest messages ever told to the world.
47. The three angel’s messages (Rev 14) are much wider in scope than we have yet dared to understand! The content of chapter 10 is so vital to the preaching of the “everlasting gospel” (14:6) that “no one in heaven, nor earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.” (5:3).
48. The seven thunders are the “antitype” or the primary application of the prophecies of Daniel which will have their more complete fulfillment in the last scenes of earth’s history.
49. The seven thunders are revealed in “type” which is the historical fulfillment of Daniel from which explicit details can be known of the seven thunders. They are revealed to us and we shall know them because we are the last generation in which these events have their fulfillment, but more importantly because we are honest searchers of the Truth our Lord wants to go to a dying world.

Why do we need the seven thunders?

As the thunders rolled on Mount Sinai in the giving
of the Law, so must thunder roll again in the last days
—to bring men again to the importance of His law,
which is a transcript of His character.

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Seven Thunders Introduction