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Computer Screen Blessing.
      Some people find it difficult to read from a computer screen, —including me. If web pages of LittleBookOpen are printed and read separate from a computer, it may be easier to read, —but a wonderful blessing will be missed! There are links to other full-page studies, books, pamphlets, and charts on this website with further explanation and details. Many Bible proof-texts are given that are linked to an onsite King James Version Bible. Some Bible texts and links are nested (hidden) within specific words, and when the words is clicked it goes to the KJV Bible text, making access to these Bible texts assessable only on a live computer screen. By printing a page you will lose the ability to link to further explanation and study on LittleBookOpen. Studying the seven thunders will surely be a greater blessing if the links can be followed to Bible texts and further study. We recommend that LittleBookOpen be read with a computer in your quiet place with prayer.  ~May God Bless!

Links on this website.
      The Introductory/Home page of is a concise summary of the seven thunders and their related subjects which are explained in more detail on other pages of the website. Words and phrases may be linked to references such as books, other web pages, prophetic charts, or specific segments on another web page for more information and study. All Bible references are linked to an on-site KJV Bible. (Rarely does a link take you off this website.)
      More explanation and study can also be found when you see an FS(with or without a number):  FS1  —FS means Further Study and when clicked it will take you to a specific segment associated with the subject on a Further Study page. The Further Study pages will most likely have other Further Study sections which are not related to the FS you clicked on. After reading that specific FS, as you would with any other link, ‘Go Back’ to your previous study.

      Sample linked sentence:  The seven thunders are last-day events whose prophecies are for the last generation (Matt 24:34; FS) and are found in the little book of Daniel (Dan 12:4, 9, 11). Rev 10:2.

A Website is not a Book.
      Pardon me when I say the obvious, but “ is not a book.” Yes, on LittleBookOpen’s Home Page the Master Index follows an order of study. And the individual pages that the Index links to are also in a thoughtful order (I hope). Then why am I saying this? Because writing a book and writing a website are two different things.
      Writing a book follows an order and it is assumed that the reader will start at the beginning and read through the book to the end. There is little need of repeating previous concepts or subjects because the reader has read them before coming to a new chapter, subject, or point.
      This is not so with a website! The writer of a website must keep in mind that a Search Engine like Google or a link from another website will most likely place a person in a strange place on his website. So— it is necessary to repeat concepts or subjects more often than in a book so that the reader, possibly just coming to LittleBookOpen and not reading previous explanations, will be able to understand the new concept on that page. We place links to other parts of the website which hopefully keeps the repetition to a minimum. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Point of view.
      In these studies we will  primarily use Scripture  to explain the reading of the little book by the Mighty Angel. That being said, LittleBookOpen is written from a  Seventh-day Adventist point of view. (The seven thunders of Revelation 10 are also written from an Seventh-day Adventist prophetic understanding! But that will be explained later.)
      I * have seriously studied the Bible for fifty years, since 1971, and have not found another church that follows the Bible more closely than the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A strong point of the church is its Biblical prophetic understanding and teaching  —past, present, and future. The church accepts the Bible as their only creed and holds 28 fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.  —FS-28 Beliefs    —Adventist Book Center
      We, the authors of LittleBookOpen, are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and agree with the fulfillment of prophetic history as taught by the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary (An outstanding 12 volume set. Read online. Buy digital. Buy online.)  and a few other SDA prophetic books. I specifically studied Daniel and Revelation from 1971 to 1978 for the purpose of gaining a basic understanding of these two prophetic books. To make it easier to understand, I made 34 color Prophetic History Charts which helped a great deal. The charts are free to download for anyone who wants to use them to better understand the prophecies or use them to teach others.
      The Revelation 10 Chart teaches the Seventh-day Adventist prophetic history view only. It does NOT teach what the seven thunders are, but then, neither does the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary. And yet, the study of the seven thunders is what LittleBookOpen is all about!
~ Let me explain. ~
It was not until the fall of 1978, after I had finished the 34 Prophetic History Charts that I read, rather I reread and this time understood a statement by Ellen White that tells what the seven thunders are, where they can be found, and the time of their fulfillment. She states that they are in fact, —seven last-day events to be fulfilled to the last generation, and can be found in the little book of Daniel. After each chapter and at the end of each volume in the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary is a section called Ellen G. White Comments found in SDA BC vol. 7, pg. 971.1.3 or vol. 7a, pg. 415.1.3. (We will study these statements in detail later in the studies.)  FS
It was in these Ellen White Comments for Revelation 10 that I read (in 1978) and understood the six paragraphs which Ellen White wrote about the seven thunders. When I understood what Ellen White said about the seven thunders, I better understood the historical fulfillment and could then complete not only the chart for the historical view, but also the chart for the last-day fulfillment of the seven thunders.
      In these studies we will  primarily use Scripture  to explain that Daniel’s prophecies are to be specifically repeated as seven thundering last-day events. We will also use Ellen White’s writings without hesitation or reserve. Ellen White gives a number of comments and clues which guide the honest searcher not only for a more complete understanding of Daniel and Revelation, but for specific guidance of how to understand exactly what the seven thunders are and how they can be found in the book of Daniel.
      I fear that Uriah Smith has written what most people want to believe in his book The Prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation, “It would be vain to speculate upon the seven thunders, in hope of gaining a definite knowledge of what they uttered. Something evidently was uttered which it would not be well for the church to know. We must acquiesce in the directions given to John concerning them, and leave them where he left them,  sealed up,  unwritten,  and consequently to us unknown.”  —The Prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith, p. 522.3. ( —Printed 1897 —Revised 1944, 1972.) {Original printing: 1897 UrS, DAR 523.2}   (acquiesce: to agree, assent, consent to, quietly comply or submit, to comply passively without protest.)  If we maintain this belief —to acquiesce— it would be to close the mind to light coming from the little book of Daniel explaining the seven thunders. LittleBookOpen cannot agree with leaving the seven thunders sealed up, when in fact Scripture teaches that they are plainly written in the little book of Daniel. We cannot acquiesce to any interpretation which misplaces what Scripture plainly teaches!
      Today!Sadly, the prophecies are as obscure to the minds of this generation as the same prophecies were obscure to the disciples’ generation! Will there also come a time in the near future when we to will be tested as was the disciples? Will the same prophecies be repeated from the little book of Daniel and we too not understand the testimony of Jesus? Surely we would not deny our Saviour, the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10!

‘Pick-and-choose’ method of study.
      Pick-and-choose is a name I have chosen to describe a method of Bible study which doesn’t consider ALL surrounding Bible texts and/or doesn’t consider ALL related Bible texts which give greater Light and understanding to the subject/prophecy being studied. Pick-and-choose misdirects the true prophetic interpretation by time,  by belief,  or by non-belief.
      Sometimes a person is aware that he is using the pick-and-choose method of study and feels that the Lord is leading him. Sometimes a person uses the pick-and-choose method in an attempt to validate a specific personal belief. And sometimes a person is not aware he is using the pick-and-choose method of study and needs to be shown how to properly study.
      —By Time:  Instead of allowing a prophecy to tell the time of its fulfillment, a different time in the past, present, or future is chosen and assigned as its fulfillment. This can be dangerous because the prophecy being misdirected will not be able to warn the present generation of what they must do to be saved. Such belief allows for the prophecy to have had a fulfillment in the past or future —it is concluded that the prophecy is fulfilled— and thus, the present generation has no worry. Many, if not all the prophecies are a type, teaching the antitype fulfillment of the same prophecy. These prophecies must have a fulfillment in prophetic history, so that their primary fulfillment is understood during the last-day events of earth’s history. On the other hand, if a person believes that a prophecy was fulfilled only in the past, then to him the prophecy is of no concern.
      —By Belief:  Belief is most likely derived from an interpretation of the prophecy. Even though a prophecy may be understood as having a fulfillment to the present generation, it is misinterpreted in such a way as to direct the fulfillment away from a specific location or people. Thus, it is taught that a specific prophecy doesn’t have a fulfillment to the location or people for which it is intended.
      —By Non-belief:  Non-belief is interesting and follows along two roads.  1.) A person says he is a Bible believing Christian but actually believes that prophecy has little or nothing to do with the church or themselves. They say that prophecy cannot be understood, therefore it cannot be applied.  2.) Another form of non-belief is when a person, in his heart really believes that the prophecy is to be fulfilled, —BUT for some reason (and there are many) feel it better to voice their opinion as non-belief.

      Why should the pick-and-choose method of study be of concern to us? The pick-and-choose method of study will be of great concern to the last generation of saints. Hopefully it is not a concern in their own study lives, but because others use the pick-and-choose method to project their misguided interpretations of prophecy on others.
      The method of Bible study we use as the last generation should be of concern to us! Why? In the book of Revelation, John is used as a symbol. John is a TYPE of the LAST GENERATION —the ANTITYPE!!!  FS  John, representing the last generation, is asked by the Mighty Angel (Jesus), who has received the book from the Throne, unsealed the book, and opened the book. And then John/last generation is allowed to hear and understand the seven thunders sounding from the little book! After John hears and understands the seven thunders, he/the last generation is asked to take the little book of last-day events, AND EAT THE BOOK!!! Not only are the last generation to hear the sounds of thunder; not only are they to understand the thunders; but they are to EAT the book of seven thunders. Books are not normally eaten, so why EAT this book? Eating the book of seven thunders is symbolic of the book and its contents becoming a part of their lives! Sweet is the book as we understand more fully the testimony of Jesus, but bitter will be the book for those who live through the judgments of the last great storm.
      We are the last generation represented by John! We are the generation who is asked by the Mighty Angel, Jesus, to EAT the little book of seven thunders! What do you think? Is it important that we interpret the events of the seven thunders PROPERLY? Would we dare to pick-and-choose their meaning, allowing personal opinion to be the guide —or shall we use Scripture to interpret Scripture?  FS

Are we following Jesus?
       Yes,  we are following Jesus  if  we are understanding and doing what He has given to us to do in preparation for these last days! Rev 10:1, 8-10; 11:1-3; 14:6-12. It’s that simple. Do we desire with a burning desire, above all other wants or needs, to know Jesus as a personal Savior and Friend? Are we searching for the Revelation of Jesus Christ?
      There are many authors who have written about the plan of redemption in the Bible and used the pick-and-choose method of study, which more than often is misleading. It would not be good for us to pick-and-choose what we study from the Bible and leave out the books or parts of the books of prophecy because they may be harder to understand. Many run away mentally and spiritually when they are asked if they want to study Daniel and Revelation. Some seem to disregard that Jesus is the Author of both books, Daniel and Revelation, and that He gives blessings to those who read and understand their prophecies. Dan 11:32, 33; 12:10, 12; Rev 1:3; 22:7, 14. It is unfortunate that many who have been Christians for years and have a basic knowledge of Daniel and Revelation refuse to think that the seven thunders can or should be understood. ‘After all’ they say, ‘the Mighty Angel told John to seal up the seven thunders by not writing them down, —so who am I to understand what God has sealed?’
      The last generation is very privileged to understand and share many special messages. Like looking at a beautiful gemstone, the many facets of Christ and His Righteousness will be taught explaining the importance of God’s Law to the last generation. It will be impossible to do what Jesus has asked us to do as the last generation unless we are more than willing to dig deep and understand His will for our lives.       Are we following Jesus?    FS

Where to start?
      This study is primarily about Revelation 10 and 11 which covers the open little book of seven thunders and the building of the Temple. If you are not familiar with these two chapters, it would help to read them. Of course, reading all of Daniel and Revelation will give even greater blessings and understanding. [Rev 1:3; 22:7 and 14] If these prophecies sound confusing, don’t give up, turn to Heaven and pray even more that it will become clear!
      The best place to start is here on the Home Page of! On the Home Page is an Introduction to the Seven Thunders, which is very important reading. Also on the Home page is the Master Index. It follows an order of study and thus will give the knowledge needed, as building a house, for understanding the seven thunders. A far greater blessing will be received by following the order of the Index instead of reading here and there.
      As a person scans the Index of a book to find where and how the book is going to take him, we encourage the same. Please take a few minutes to scan down the Index and you will find A Golden Thread throughout the website. It may seem like a large Index, but then the subject is large, and will need a great deal of dedicated study. Many people now days want the answer RIGHT NOW, and certainly not any longer than a Twitter!!! The greater Blessing is for the person who knows that living in these last days will not only be a physical struggle, but even more so a spiritual struggle. The Mighty Angel Jesus, wants us to take the open, unsealed book of seven thunders and understand their voices! That knowledge and understanding will not come in a Twitter!!! The building of the last-day Temple (Rev 11:1, 19) will be very personal and best of all the Mighty Angel comes with a Rainbow Covenant which He gives to every sincere believer. Pray, pray, pray for the Light shinning from the Mighty Angel’s face to shine upon your studies!

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