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How long,
O Lord?

Revelation 6:10
Daniel 8:13-14
Daniel 12:6

Daniel 12:8
Revelation 10:6, 7



Light Shining
through the Clouds

      One Friday evening on my way to a religious meeting, I saw a beautiful sunset. The sun was sending different colored shafts of light down through the clouds. The Lord taught me a few things while watching that sunset and I wrote them down at the meeting.

      We are to be a hole in the clouds of sin which allows the Son’s rays to reach the people of the world. Not just a hole, but a magnifying glass through which God magnifies His love. Christ is the living light that shines through us to the dark world. With the help of God and the wondrous Book that He gave us, the clouds of sin are kept back. The more clouds of sin which are kept out, the more Christ’s light can shine through.
      Have you ever noticed light as it shines through a hole? It becomes many times larger than when it passed through at first. So it is with the light of Christ as it shines through us onto the peoples of the world. We are but just the small hole through which His love reaches the world. We must reconsecrate ourselves to Christ Jesus every day, so that He may magnify through us His love to the ones around us!

              Patrick A. McCoy

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