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The Story Behind The “Mirror Chart”

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    Background for this section.
    The Story Behind The “Mirror Chart”
    A Mirrored Prophecy Reflects Precisely!
    The Mirror Vision is Specifically for the Last-days!

Background for this section—
      An explanation may be helpful before reading this page. If you have come to this page without a basic understanding of the premise of this website, here is a basic background:  We believe that the historical fulfillment of the 2300 YEARS is the TYPE which the last generation will carefully study so as to know what to do when the last-day 2300 DAY ANTITYPE is fulfilled in literal days, just as the prophecy is written; “Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” —The last Great Day of Atonement! Dan 8:14. It is a living generation, the last generation, who takes the little book of Daniel and eats it, —thus its seven thundering events becoming a living experience in their daily lives, obeying the voice of the Mighty Angel Jesus, “Thou must prophesy again . . .” —the repeated prophecies of Daniel. Rev 10:11, Dan 7:10; 8:14, 17, 19; 11:35; 12:4, 9, 13.   (Further Study information and links can be found on the Mirror Chart page.)

The Story Behind The “Mirror Chart”

      On Thanksgiving of 2009 I was visiting with a family member about the Prophetic History Chart showing the 2300 YEARS and how it will be repeated as the seven thunders in last-day events, which is seen on the Seven Thunders Chart showing the 2300 DAYS,  two separate charts!  (As seen to the right.)
      The Prophetic History of Daniel Chart was made in 1975; and The Seven Thundering Events of Daniel Chart was made in 1978.

      As we were talking, it was suggested that since the two charts are the same —except for the length of time— the two charts should be put together. The last-day fulfillment would be the reflection of the historical fulfillment. It would be as if you were looking at mountains reflecting in a lake. (Another descriptive word is refraction: The change in direction of a light wave when passing through a droplet of water, —as in a rainbow. Rev 10:1.)

      I liked that idea and made the chart the next morning. As I made the chart it reminded me of a mirror and a few days later, while making the webpage for the chart (Dec. 10, 2009), I placed the title “The 2300 Day ‘Mirror’ Chart.”
      Unaware of the date, but exactly five years later, Dec. 10, 2014, I was writing on a supporting webpage for the Mirror Chart when I exclaimed “WOW!” I turned to my wife and explained what I had just found.
      I was studying the different uses of the word ‘vision’ in Strong’s Concordance as it is used in the book of Daniel. (I learned a lot which will appear in various other places of the website.) The following shows the four different Strong’s Aramaic/Hebrew numbers used for the word vision in Daniel:
         11 uses of chezev (H2376) in chapters 2, 4, and 7. (Example: 7:13)
         12 uses of chazown (H2377) in chapters 1, 8, 9, 10, and 11. (Example: 8:17)
           5 uses of mar'eh (H4758) in chapters 8, 9, and 10. (Example: 10:1)
           4 uses of mar'ah (H4759) all in chapter 10. (Vrs. 7(x2); verses 8 and 16.
               (It should be noted that the first seven chapters of Daniel were written in Aramaic
                  and chapters 8-12 were written in Hebrew.)

    It was the definition of the Strong’s number H4759 that got my attention. To the right is a scan of H4759 from Strong’s Concordance.  See also
To our amazement, the word mar'ah (H4759) has the meaning of “a mirror.”
      It didn’t take long for us to start rejoicing as we realized that yet again we were witness to the Lord’s leading and in His perfect timing. It was exactly five years earlier, to the very day, that this chart was made and named the Mirror Chart. And now, we found that this was exactly what Jesus (Dan 10:5, 6; 12:5, 6) called the ‘vision’ when He gave it to Daniel, , —some 2,550 years ago, —the mirror vision of prophecy!
      Daniel’s prophecies would be, mirrored, —repeated; they would have two distinct fulfillments. The last-day antitype would mirror the historical type! This should direct our attention to the solemn command of the Mighty Angel who is holding in His hand the open book of Daniel, “Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.” Rev 10:11.
      Mar'ah (H4759), as it is found in Daniel, is used only four times in Daniel 10: Verses 7(x2), verse 8, and 16. “And I Daniel alone saw the [mirror] vision: for the men that were with me saw not the [mirror] vision; but a great quaking fell upon them, so that they fled to hide themselves. Therefore I was left alone, and saw this great [mirror] vision, and there remained no strength in me: for my comeliness was turned in me into corruption, and I retained no strength.” Dan 10:7, 8. It appears that Daniel is not (only) referring to the vision written in Daniel 9:24-27; for this was not only a short vision, four verses, but the time prophecy was short also, —70 weeks [of years; H7620–specifically, of years]. The larger and longer vision which Daniel is undoubtedly referring to as “this great [mirror] vision,” is the 2300 days/years of Daniel 8:14. And so we would conclude that all the visions of Daniel 7-12, events and timelines, have their fulfillments within the boundaries of the great vision, —the 2300 years/days! (—The YEARS = 457 BC to 1844. —The DAYS = National Sunday Law to the last Great Day of Atonement and the final cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary of the saints forgiven sins.)

A Mirrored Prophecy Reflects Precisely!
      An interesting point to consider is that the mirror effect would have only one correct historical fulfillment, —the historical type; and thus there would be only one true and complete fulfillment of the last-day antitype. In other words, for Daniel’s prophecies to exactly mirror each other, they must be fulfilled in both history and the last days, exactly, event for event, except for the length of time (days vrs. years). Of course we would expect that the antitype last-day fulfillment would be more explanatory, and to be fulfilled more completely in some areas where the historical fulfillment seemed vague. We believe that Daniel’s prophetic events and their timelines will shed more light on the Plan of Redemption, both past and future, than we can now imagine! In both the historical fulfillment, and especially the last-day fulfillment, seven events will be seen associated with timelines. These seven events are called the seven thunders which are read from the little open book of Daniel by the Mighty Angel Jesus, —to the last generation. Rev 10:2, 3. The Feasts of the Lord (Lev 23) will proclaim in great detail the Plan of Redemption for the last generation. The fulfillment of the seven thundering Feasts and their timelines will play a larger role in the lives of the last generation than that of the disciples’ generation. It is then, and only then, that the Sabbath will be taught more fully by those “which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”
What exactly is the testimony of Jesus?
The spirit of prophecy!

Where precisely are these prophecies taught?
In the sanctuary!

The Mirror Vision is Specifically for the Last-days!
      What great truths are taught by the mirror vision! Daniel’s name means “judge of God,” a name very appropriate for both his time and ours. The whole book of Daniel is for the last generation! Daniel exposes the sin of generations so that the last generation learns from their mistakes and turns to Christ for all their strength! Daniel warns the last generation that “the judgment is set, and the books are opened” (Dan 7:10, 21, 22, 26; Rev 13:8). The Mighty Angel Jesus (Dan 8:13; 10:5, 6; 12:5, 6; Rev 10:1) provides for the last generation “a mirror” of prophetic history so that we may be washed clean of repented sin by the blood of the Lamb (Rev 7:14; 12:11; Dan 8:14). The judgment mirror which Jesus gives to us will show our sin, so that we may repent, and in the name of Jesus be saved, —before probation closes (Dan 12:1).

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