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Thundering Event #3

In the Midst of the Week
1 week -- 7 days
Valley of Decision for God’s Church

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    In a Few Words—

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In a Few Words—
      The seven thunders (last-day events) are based on Daniel’s fulfilled prophetic events of the past. In the order of Daniel’s literal time prophecies, the third thunder would be:
      The Third Thunder  —In the midst of the seventieth week the professed church of God turns against its Savior. Could this be so? Ancient Israel turned against its Savior! Are we better than they, or is our transgression worse than theirs? Surely, in the light of this repeated prophecy, the last-day professed people of God will not make the very same mistake that ancient Israel made! Surely, thunder and an earthquake would not be repeated? And what mistake was that? The rejection of Christ, His character, His Law, His Sabbath day of redemptive rest! God forbid that anyone should give the details of this repeated prophecy; No, no! —how could this prophecy come true under such explicit warning?
      But not all is lost; for as a new, stronger church emerged out of the shaking of ancient Israel, so also will those who follow their Savior in preaching the Sabbath more fully, and this time, they will take advantage of completing the seven-fold covenant with their Creator, —with the early and latter rain of the Holy Spirit working among them and completing the harvest.

Mirror Event:
      Historical Event #3, In the Midst of the Week, 31 AD

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      Who is modern Israel?

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