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Historical Event #3

In the Midst of the Week
AD 31
1 week -- 7 years
27 - 34 AD
Valley of Decision for God’s Church

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    In a Few Words—

In a Few Words—
      The seven thunders (last-day events) are based on Daniel’s fulfilled prophetic events of the past. In the order of Daniel’s time prophecies, the symbolic years, the third event would be:
      31 AD —Christ on the cross in the midst of the seventieth week, —490 “weeks of years” later. The valley of decision, seven years, for the professed Church. (The events on each side of the Cross are important, but the focus is on the “midst of the week,” —where the Lamb of God demonstrates the importance of the Law by giving His life for the repentant sinner.) Dan 9:26, 27.

Mirror Event:
      Thunder #3; In the Midst of the Week

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