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The Prophetic History of Daniel
—The Type

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    In a Few Words—

In a Few Words—
      The title of the top-half of the Mirror Chart reflects the study of the historical fulfillment of the book of Daniel. Nearly all of Daniel’s prophecies in chapters 7-12 have reached their fulfillment and only a few verses remain to be fulfilled in the near future. This is a unique interpretation of Daniel’s prophecies, for they are understood by using the day/year principle, and have become prophetic history. Therefore, most of the events found in Daniel have their connection and fulfillment in these timelines.
    * the 70 weeks are 490 years, beginning at BC 457 and ending 34 AD;
    *a time, times, and an half” is 1260 years, beginning 538 and ending 1798; dividing of time;
    * the 1290 days becomes 1290 years, beginning 508 and ending 1798;
    * the 1335 days becomes 1335 years, beginning 508 and ending 1843;
    * and the 2300 days becomes 2300 years, beginning BC 457 and ending 1844.

      But this title tells more —The Type. This title places Daniel in prophetic history, yet when —The Type is added, it indicates there is more than the historical fulfillment; that in fact, if there is a Type, then there is an Antitype, or a repeating of the same prophecies. Revealing that prophetic history is to be repeated is the reason for using the words Type and Antitype in the titles of the Mirror Chart.
      The Tabernacle that Moses was instructed to build was a type, a shadow, of the Heavenly Sanctuary. Heb 8:5, 6. Certain timelines in Daniel point to events which not only have their fulfillment on earth, but also in the Heavenly Sanctuary. It is my conclusion that the timelines of Daniel as fulfilled in the day/year principle, will have a more direct and complete fulfillment in the last-day events. God is the builder of this prophetic house and that is the reason for the fulfillment of the years, —The Type. It is upon this foundation that —The Antitype is built! The Grand Design of Salvation is under the control of the Mighty Angel, both on earth and in Heaven. Dan 12:5-7; Rev 10:1, 2.

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