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Are We Following Jesus?
~ Further Study ~

      Wrench yourself away from hurtful associations. Count the cost of following Jesus, and make it, with a determined purpose to cleanse yourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Eternal life is worth your all, and Jesus has said, “Whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.” [Luke 14:33.] He who does nothing, but waits to be compelled by some supernatural agency, will wait on in lethargy and darkness. God has given his word. God speaks in unmistakable language to your soul. Is not the word of his mouth sufficient to show you your duty, and to urge its fulfillment?  {CE 117.1}

      As witnesses for Christ, we are to tell what we know, what we ourselves have seen and heard and felt. If we have been following Jesus step by step, we shall have something right to the point to tell concerning the way in which He has led us. We can tell how we have tested His promise, and found the promise true. We can bear witness to what we have known of the grace of Christ. This is the witness for which our Lord calls, and for want of which the world is perishing.  {DA 340.1}

      Display is not religion nor sanctification. There is nothing more offensive in God’s sight than a display of instrumental music when those taking part are not consecrated, are not making melody in their hearts to the Lord. The offering most sweet and acceptable in God’s sight is a heart made humble by self-denial, by lifting the cross and following Jesus.  {Ev 510.1}
      We have no time now to spend in seeking those things that only please the senses. Close heart searching is needed. With tears and heartbroken confession we need to draw nigh to God that He may draw nigh to us. —Review and Herald, Nov. 14, 1899.  {Ev 510.2}

      Do not choose darkness. Come out of the cold, dark caverns of unbelief into the upper chamber, where you may bask in the sunshine of God’s love, and enjoy peace and rest in the presence of Jesus. The Saviour said: “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” [John 8:12.] When you constantly complain of darkness, you represent to the world that you are not following Jesus.  {GW92 435.1}

      There is light in following Jesus, talking of Jesus, loving Jesus, and I will not allow my mind to think or speak ill of my brethren. “Inasmuch,” said Christ, “as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40. I would not feel unkindness or hatred to anyone. I would not be an accuser of my brethren. Satan will try to stir up my mind to do this, but I cannot do it. I will cherish the forgiving Spirit of Jesus.  {OHC 239.6}

      We ought to be far in advance of any other people on the earth because we have greater light and greater knowledge of the truth, which lays us under increased accountability to advance that light and not only to profess to believe the truth but to practice it. When we do practice the truth we are then following Jesus, who is the light of the world; and if we as a people are not constantly elevating, becoming more and more spiritual minded, we are becoming like the Pharisees —self-righteous— while we do not the will of God.  {2SM 376.1}

      God calls upon men to become Bible Christians, to represent the example given them by Christ. Who can tell what will be the result of a self-denying, cross-bearing life? Eternity will reveal the result of following Jesus, and all will be amazed at the fruit that will be made manifest.  {SW 38.1}

      Churches are not wholly composed of pure, sincere Christians. Not all the names that stand registered upon the church books are worthy to be there. The life and character of some as compared with others is as gold with worthless dross. It need not be so. Those who are valuable in life and influence have felt the importance of following Jesus closely, of making the life of Christ their study and example. This will require effort, meditation, and earnest prayer. It requires exertion to obtain the victory over selfishness and to make the interest of God’s cause primary. Some have made the effort and practiced close discipline of self, and they have gained precious victories.  {2T 637.1}

      Let the men to whom God has entrusted great responsibilities be perfectly sure that they are following their great Leader, even Christ, and are not moving under the impulse of their own natural tempers. We shall be safe only when we consecrate ourselves to God and look unto Jesus, earnestly longing to work out His plan. Men may follow many kinds of lights, but there is only one Light that it will be safe for them to follow. Be sure that you are following Jesus whithersoever He goeth. Let none run ahead of Christ, but wait for the word of command, “Follow Me.” Let our leaders be distrustful of their own counsel, of their own ambitious fancies. Let them not suppose that the sparks of their own kindling are the true light, or after a while they will find that, instead of following the heavenly guiding Star, they are following an uncertain leader.  {TM 211.3}

      Jesus says, “He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” If we are following Jesus, we shall not walk in darkness. If his light illuminates the mind and shines into the chambers of the heart, we shall be as Christ has said, “the light of the world.” We shall see light, and shall talk of the love of Christ, talk of his goodness and marvellous mercy, and we shall always find enough to talk about on these themes, even to all eternity, when we have that life which measures with the life of God.  {BEcho, July 1, 1892 par. 1}

      God has written His law upon every nerve and muscle, every fibre and function of the human body. The indulgence of unnatural appetite, whether for tea, coffee, tobacco, or liquor, is intemperance, and is at war with the laws of life and health. By using these forbidden articles, a condition of things is created in the system which the Creator never designed. This indulgence in any of the members of the human family is sin. But how much more sinful is it in those who profess to be Christians, who say they are Abraham’s children. They are not, because they do not practice the works of the Lord. If they were following Jesus, they would deny unnatural appetite. Every gratification of unnatural appetite produces disease in the physical system. The eating of food that does not make good blood is working against the laws of our physical organism, and is a violation of the law of God. The cause produces the effect. Suffering, disease, and death are the sure penalty of indulgence.  {BEcho, September 18, 1899 par. 10}

      Who is learning the meekness and lowliness of the Pattern? Who is striving earnestly to master self? Who is lifting his cross and following Jesus? Who is wrestling against self-conceit? Who is setting himself in good earnest and with all his energies to overcome satanic envyings, jealousies, evil-surmisings, and lasciviousness; cleansing the soul temple from all defilements, and opening the door of the heart for Jesus to come in? Would that these words might have that impression upon minds that all who may read them would cultivate the grace of humility, be self-denying, more disposed to esteem others better than themselves, having the mind and Spirit of Christ to bear one another’s burdens! Oh that we might write deeply upon our hearts, as we contemplate, the great condescension and humiliation to which the Son of God descended that we might be partakers of the divine nature, and escape the corruption that is in the world through lust! All haughtiness, all self exaltation must be put away from us, and we learn the meekness and lowliness of Christ, or we shall find no place in the kingdom of God. The life must be hid with Christ in God. The anchor of every soul is to be cast into the Rock cleft for us, that Rock which bears up a ruined world. Let us keep these things in our minds.  {RH, July 5, 1887 par. 11}

      The third chapter of 1 Corinthians contains instruction which all who claim to be following Jesus should study.  {RH, December 11, 1900 par. 1}

      The standard is high, for Christ is our standard, and he could justly claim perfection in all his works. But how few, in their practice, will follow the Lamb of God whithersoever he goeth. Following Jesus, imbued with his Spirit moment by moment, the human agent would represent Christ, as Christ represented the Father.  {RH, October 14, 1902 par. 12}

      “Ye are my witnesses,” saith the Lord. (Isa 43:10, 12) A living Christian will have a living testimony to bear. If we have been following Jesus step by step, we shall have something to relate of the way he has led us. We can tell of battles fought and victories gained. We can tell how we have tested the promises of God, and found them true. We can point to a living experience without going back years into the past.  {ST, April 7, 1887 par. 12}

      The great apostle himself [Paul] learned in the school of Christ, and strengthened his faith by his experience in following Jesus, and by acquiring knowledge of Bible history. He convinced men that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God, and Christ shed his glory upon the apostle, and he could speak from what he had seen and known.  {ST, July 27, 1888 par. 5}

      Those who break the law of God, and teach others to break God’s commandments, are not following Jesus, who says, “I have kept my Father’s commandments;” they are following another leader. It was Christ’s own voice that proclaimed on Mount Sinai the Ten Commandments, and he will not countermand his statutes.  {ST, November 14, 1895 par. 5}

      Those who claim to be following Jesus, and who do not cherish love for their brethren, are deceived. They are not following the light of the world, but the ruler of the darkness of the world. Jesus said, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another: as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:34, 35.  {YI, November 8, 1894 par. 5}

      When we mingle with the world and yield to the attraction of its pleasures and amusements, we think much less of God than we would if we were following Jesus in the path of self-denial which He has marked out for us. Let us keep our minds in right relation to God’s promises. Then He will keep us, and we shall see of His salvation.  Ms 80, 1903, pp. 1-3.  {1MR 313.1}

      The Lord would not have us ignorant of Satan’s devices. I consider that you are in need of watching unto prayer in order that not one hereditary or acquired habit shall be cherished that will lead you away from following Jesus, and from copying the great Pattern.  {13MR 274.2}

      There are some who, though they have received great light, do not feel the need of following Jesus in humility and contrition. God has honored them, but they have not reflected his glory. Jesus says to them, “Ye will not come unto Me that ye might have life.” “I receive not honor from men. But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you. I am come in My Father’s name, and ye receive Me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” “How can ye believe, which receive honor one of another and seek not the honor that cometh from God only?” John 5:40, 41-43, 44.  {BCL 7.2}

      Following Jesus Christ means that you are doing the very same works of righteousness which Christ would do were He in your place. Following always implies obedience. No soldier can follow his commander unless he obeys orders. Following means imitation. In every case of action you are to do just as Christ would do in your place. “Learn of Me,” says the great Teacher. Matt 11:29. Then keep your eye on the copy. Christ is our model. We are to do all things to His name’s glory, and in the love that Christ has for us individually.  {18MR 276.3}

      Are we following Christ with unswerving loyalty, keeping His life of perfect obedience, of purity and self-sacrifice, ever before us, that, by beholding we may become changed into His image? Do we strive to imitate His fidelity? If we educate ourselves to say, Be Thou my Pattern; if by the eye of faith we see Him as a living Saviour, we shall be strengthened to follow Him. Then with the undefiled we shall follow Him in the future life. As eye- and heart-witnesses we can bear testimony to His majesty, for by faith we have been with Him in the holy mount.  {HP 298.5}

      If ever there was a time when those who claim to be Christians should be all that the name comprehends, it is now. Are we following Christ in very reality? . . . This is an individual work. We are to look earnestly to our own standing and accountability. . . .  {TMK 129.2}
      Are those who know the truth for this time anchored in Bible doctrines? Are our weapons, “Thus saith the Lord,” [Used 414 times in KJV.] “It is written?” [Used 80 times in KJV.] Is our anchor cast within the vail? Are we individually rooted and grounded in gospel truth so that we may be established, strengthened, and settled in the faith? Are we, as those who have the knowledge of the mysteries of God, those to whom God has committed the living oracles, loyal and true to our stewardship? Those who are truly converted will reveal, as missionaries for God, what the truth means to them in its transforming efficiency and sanctifying power.  {TMK 129.3}
      If we are weighted with the treasures of eternal truth we shall proclaim to a world perishing in sin what it signifies to have the sanctifying, redeeming love of Christ in the soul. If we are verily and truly united in Christ, it is because truth has taken possession of the soul temple. . . . {TMK 129.4}

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